Diesel Vehicles Are on the Rebound

Diesel vehicles are experiencing a rebound. Diesel engines are far more powerful and fuel efficient than similar sized petrol engines (around 30-35% more fuel efficient). Apart from what you might remember from the past, this type of vehicle is much better.

They emitted less carbon in the past. Today's diesel engines must meet the same emission standards as gasoline vehicles, and advancements in engine technology, and improved exhaust treatments have been made possible. You can browse http://www.strictlydiesel.com/ to know more about the powerstroke performance parts.

What is diesel fuel? It is generally accepted as a mixture of compounds derived from petroleum called the central distillate (heavier than gasoline but lighter than lubricating oil) and can or cannot contain additional additives.

The spark cycle is designed to use fuel that requires spark to start combustion. Combustion combines a mixture of gasoline and air that is evaporated into the combustion chamber, which is then compressed and ignited by the spark plug.

In the Diesel cycle, air is compressed during the compression step and fuel is injected into hot air and compressed in the cylinder, spontaneously igniting the fuel. Because of this, diesel is sometimes referred to as a compression ignition engine in contrast to a spark ignition engine.