Geothermal Heat Pump Systems

If there is one device right there with a major breakthrough in studies around energy-saving applications, it is a geothermal heat pump system. If you want to set up a geothermal heat pump system, then you can opt for affordable heat pump systems in Paphos, Cyprus at Green Air.

The heat pump system functions like a refrigerator; only they remove and absorb heat from the underground environment through pipes buried deep into the earth. Just like conventional refrigerators, these pipes carry liquid and can reduce energy consumption by as much as 70 percent.

It is common knowledge that deep within the earth the temperature remains constant high, regardless of climate change. This device uses a layer of the earth, where the temperature remains constant at fifty degrees centigrade.

Therefore it provides a very reliable solution because unlike refrigerators, which transfer heat to the surrounding air, they are not affected by environmental changes.

That is why; this device can operate with energy as little as one kilowatt per hour which results in heating or cooling of 12,000 Btu. Meanwhile, conventional a / c systems require 2.2 kilowatts/ hour of energy to produce the same amount of BTUs.

Geothermal systems can work at levels, which are 400x more efficient than the best air conditioners and 200x better than the best gas furnaces available on the market.

In fact, there are several benefits of using a geothermal heat pump system. This system requires very little maintenance, comes with a ten-year guarantee, and runs without complaints about decades together.