This Is All about Desert Safari In Dubai

We previously-booked our evening in Dubai desert safari before leaving with the best tour operator in Dubai to make sure that we are not over-charged and not to miss the fun as well.

We called them once we arrived in Dubai to give them our hotel name and room number and just confirm everything for the Dubai desert journey. On the day of the excursion, we received a call from them in the morning to re-confirm as well.

We were picked up around 3 PM from our hotel by the guide who was well dressed in company t-shirt cargo pants and desert shoes. They made sure we settle down comfortably in the car and then we started our journey towards the desert.

We shortly arrived at the desert area passing through highways and small villages on the way. The safari guide got off to deflate the tires in order to enter the desert. We then started our journey into the desert.

They took off slowly on the smaller dune and reconfirmed with us if we felt ok or not. We assured him that they could go faster and we were enjoying it. The dune bashing was a truly adventurous ride that we could do again and again!