Things To Know About Professional Tile Installation

Having the right tools and materials is the key to every professional tile installation, if you do not have these things, then you may not be able to do the job. Also, you need to have a thorough understanding of tile installation. If your knowledge in such a sphere is limited and you don't have important tools, getting help from professionals is recommended. You can simply hire your local tiling expert via


Step 1: Tear off old flooring

Different types of flooring require different types of tear out the application, but let's just say you have vinyl flooring. If the vinyl is glued to the bottom you will need a floor scraper. Remove every bit of floor vinyl and debris, make sure the floor is clean.

Step 2: Sub Floor Preparation

After missing vinyl goes ahead and check out the above sub-floor / area shrill loose. Under secure these areas, or just screw over the floor to be 100% sure. Check the floor for any place that is not flush with the level, if any humps/dips need to be leveled/float with a liquid floor leveler. Sweep the floor again, keep your work area clean is important.

Step 3: Installing Durarock

Trim and fit all your dura rock, then the number of each section, and delete. Sweep the floor again, and make sure your area free of debris. Mix the thin-set to the right consistency, not thin and not thick. Under the thin-set, your shovel in part, install dura rock, screw-down, and head toward the exit you.

Step 4: Installing Tile

First, mark the center of the room and lime you, this will help you keep it straight and even. Cut the door jambs so that the tiles can be slid under the door jambs. Cut and dry fit your tile pieces where needed. Mixing thin-set your shovel down thin-set and begin installing the tiles. Be sure to use a spacer, as this will help stop you from moving tiles.