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The Kalanggaman Island in Palompon Leyte

Kalanggaman Island is the pride of Palompon, Leyte. The island is reeking of adventure and exclusivity. The turquoise water and white sand of the island would totally make you love the island. Kalanggaman island tour isn’t that easy to book with since the day it gains popularity because only 500 people are allowed to enter the island in order to preserve its beauty and to keep the island from polluted. 

Kalanggaman Island has a powdery white sand that glitters under the heat of the sun and an inviting crystal-clear water. Its shifting sandbars gives a bird view from above, hence the name Kalanggaman “langgam” means bird. Have fun walking in the long stretch soft white sand bar of the island and have fun swimming in the glassy blue water of Kalanggaman Island. 

Getting there from Cebu City 

From Cebu – There are boats in the town of Bogo that are accredited to transport tourists to Kalanggaman Island. Going there from Cebu City, catch a bus to Bogo from North Bus Terminal and proceed to Bantay Dagat near Siocon Elementary School to charter a boat to Kalanggaman Island. 

From Leyte – Go to Ormoc City or Tacloban City in Leyte. And from Tacloban, catch a van to Palompon. Van leaves every hour from downtown, travel time is around 3 hours, the van fare is P160 ($3.1). And as for Ormoc, you may catch a local bus or van to Palompon for 2 hours travel time, van fare is P120 ($2.2). 

In Palompon – Proceed to the Palompon Tourism Office and charter a pump boat to Kalanggaman Island thru the Ecotours Office. Boat rate is P3,000 for maximum of 15 passengers, P3,500 for maximum of 25 passengers and P4,000 for maximum of 30 passengers. 


  • Bring enough food and water. There is no restaurant on the island but there are grilling stations. There are water and drinks for sale on the island but for a much higher price. 
  • Campfires are not allowed on the island. But camping is allowed on the island. 
  • Never swim in the sandbar area. This has strong riptides. 
  • Comfort rooms are available on the island. 
  • There is no electricity in Kalanggaman Island but there are few solar lighting installations available. 
  • Decent mobile networks available for call and text. 
  • Be a responsible traveler and follow the “Leave No Trace” rule.  
  • Kalanggaman Island tour is ideal for groups if you want to have a day tour or overnight stay. Solo travelers and small group may ask to join other groups. 

Vacationing at All Inclusive Family Resorts

Have you been considering taking a holiday? You might not realize that visiting a comprehensive family hotel can turn out cheaper than other holidays.

Whenever you must cover a space large enough for the entire family, eat at restaurants, and purchase the beverages you need you'll spend more cash than you would by staying in a comprehensive family hotel. Get more information about Roatan all-inclusive resorts by

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Some folks put off accepting holidays since they can't afford you.

What do you expect at a comprehensive family hotel? You may expect fine places to stay as you're there. It might be rooms such as in a resort or a private house setting which will readily accommodate the whole family.

You may anticipate your beverages to be covered. Including alcoholic beverages and nonalcoholic beverages. Your food will be included in the purchase price. It might be buffet style or restaurant-style based on where you stay and generally, the actions will be contained.

You may want additional cash to lease a car in the event you would like to leave the hotel. A lot of men and women like to go on holiday when they're on holiday.

This is something that you will want to transport for. Another thing tourists like is buying gifts for friends and family. We all want to have a memento in the location we visited.

Some folks dream of travel to remote destinations. They would like to travel to exotic places. A comprehensive family hotel will provide you that opportunity. Just think all of your entertainment will be contained. It is possible to visit night clubs at the hotel and revel in music and night entertainment.

Enjoy Your Vacation in Best Resorts

When you think about the term "hotels" you might have an image of luxury spas along with the sun setting over a shiny sea whilst hanging out at thick white sand daily.

Even though this is surely a good chance, there are several distinct adventures that can be obtained at these centers. Read more info about all inclusive resort and Mayan princess beach & dive resorts in Roatan, via searching online.

roatan all inclusive resorts, all inclusive dive resorts honduras

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And they are not all located close to the sea, so if you are not the kind of person who likes lying out from the shore all day, do not worry! Here's what you want to know about loving a holiday in a comprehensive facility.

Pick Your Poison

There are hotels that cater to almost every kind of holiday that you need. Step one is to determine what that is. If you'd like a beach excursion in the Bahamas, then you will have no difficulty choosing from a choice of excellent establishments. However, it surely does not start and end there.

What Do You Desire?

The cost will normally keep you from receiving whatever you need in regards to resorts. When there are surely those vacation places that will appeal to your every whim, you may want to be a millionaire to cover them.

If you're, great! Start looking for something distinctive and amazing, put a fortune and you will receive everything you can ever envision.


Resorts of any position will have tons of online reviews that you peruse, and it is a fantastic idea to do this until you commit.

As soon as it's a fantastic idea to check at the rants and raves from visitors such as you, do not neglect to search for professional reviews from periodicals and sites devoted to anything. Do not just take 1 reviewer's term for this.

Ways to Keep the Hostel Dorm Clean


Since there are a lot of travelers that keep coming in and going out of the hostel, one thing’s for certain, it is important to keep the dorm rooms clean. There are times where you will filthy dishes, untidy cupboards, dusty windows, etc. that make may annoy you and other fellow travelers. If you’re traveling and decided to stay in a hostel, then these are a few helpful tips that will help you to keep the rooms clean.

  1. Clean the Toilet – This is not a joking matter, however, many times hostel toilets are usually not that clean. One of the best ways to keep it clean is to use disposable wipes to clean the taps and doorknob with it. This will ensure that dirt particles and bacteria’s do not get accumulated. To clean the toilet mirror, ensure you use toilet spray on them and then clean it with the help of the disposable wipes.
  2. Kitchen – Since hostels allow travelers to use the kitchen to cook food, it is imperative to clean it after it is used. For instance; chopping boards and plates must be cleaned with the help of soap, detergents and warm after immediately after use. This practice is important because, there are other travelers too who may want to cook their own meal at the end of the day.
  3. Other Helpful Tips – Some additional helpful tips include; avoiding to do half of the cleaning work, making sure everyone follows the cleaning practice by making a simple schedule and turning on the music to let other people know that cleaning process is going on.

Make sure you follow these rules during your stay in Thailand hostels .

Tips For Holy Land Tours

Whenever someone asked "Where is the Holy Land", the common answer is the Land of Israel. The Holy Land is the location of a number of important religious sites and is a very important landmark for devout believers.

You are welcome to Israel for TLV VIP services; to experience the best private tour services in Israel.

The importance of Jerusalem, which is considered the holiest city for Judaism has an important role in the sanctity of the place. This is a place for people to relate to faith and feel the connection with the land itself. Many people choose to tour Israel to get the full experience of the sanctuary.

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One of the reasons Christians decided to take a Christian tour was because of their relationship to the birth, crucifixion, and resurrection of Jesus. The Bible has a map of the Holy Land.

There are many important things to see during the tour of the Holy Land. You can visit the cities of Jerusalem, David, Bethlehem, Jericho, the Jordan Valley, and the Dead Sea. Popular and sacred landmarks include the Church of all Nations, the Church of St. Anne, Via Dolorosa, West wall, and Mount of Olives.

There are many different things to see during the tour of the Holy Land. The tour usually lasts for a week or more, depending on how much you want to see. Israeli city tours are a popular choice.

Travel Guides, Tips & Advice, Best Travel Information

Arranging a trip can quickly become a chore as opposed to experience when you've got a good deal of things you need to fret about beforehand. Read this article for good strategies to get your planning more pleasurable.

Before you arrive in your trip destination, then search the world wide web to discover a blogger that posts about what is happening in this town. Simply take some opportunity to email your blogger and ask for her or his recommendations on where you ought to go. This really is a superb method to find the inside scoop in your holiday spot.

One method to gather memories of your journey would be to perform crayon rubbings of artistic attributes, historic markers or perhaps, only intriguing textures. All you will need is a crayon and slim, newsprint enjoys, paper. Tear the paper pay off the exterior of this crayon. Then hold the paper flat to the outside you're recording.

Participate in devotion programs if you're a regular traveler. You might not expect to be in a position to cash in, but those applications frequently collect faster than you understand. Organizations are fighting from a sea of competition and also wish to maintain your company. Should you typically pick the identical business, learn which type of benefits they have set up for your devotion.

Should you take prescription drugs, plan for the holidays. Take a lot of your medicines with you to pay for your complete trip and an extra week. You'll probably not have the ability to fill prescriptions while vacationing, and you would like to get covered if you're delayed at any stage throughout your journey.

Kids under the age of 18 that are vacationing with buddies grandparents or families, may require written consent by you for local governments or border patrol agents whenever they'll be departing the nation. To safeguard children from being abducted, a number of these agencies currently need evidence they have been approved from the parents to choose the kids together.

If you're traveling into Mexico or the Caribbean during this season, it is a smart idea to buy travel insurance, even if it is in your budget. Regrettably, at that time that a hurricane warning is a prediction, it is too late to purchase a policy, so be certain that you receive it at the moment that you reserve your holiday. To get a cost, you can get Cancel for Any Reason insurance coverage which allows you to cancel your trip for all motives not specified on your coverage. You can visit this site to get more information about it.

Now you have heard a small bit about ways to simplify the practice of travel within the following guide, it is time to go right ahead and start planning this trip. Whether you are seeing far-off lands or merely flying across the nation, you have to be well informed for almost any trip you choose.

The Best Auto Repair Tips On The Web

There's not any comprehensive guide for all repairs. You have to focus on gaining information which can allow you to safeguard your vehicle. The significance of a car to your own life may make considering costly repairs have to get carried out. These hints will make sure you cope with the ideal thing when following a difficulty arises.

Ask all of the questions that you might have about your automobile when bringing it into their store. Preventing issues is an excellent method of saving money each year.

Test your car after repairs before paying for yours

Be careful of unscrupulous mechanics that make unnecessary repairs for your vehicle. A fantastic mechanic should allow you to know whether they detected parts which are beginning to get worn and will have to be replaced shortly, but they shouldn't replace the component without even becoming your approval. Don't return to mechanics who do unnecessary repairs.

If you become aware of your headlights don't shine as brightly colored as they used to, then check them to see whether they're clean. Use a respectable glass cleaner to scrub any dirt from them. You can browse to get more info about it.

Be sure the mechanic you hire understands about your motor vehicle. If you can't be sure, take it into the seller instead.

Most mechanical stores are trusted, but a few aren't. Start looking for reputable stores that know the intricacies of your vehicle's make. These stores are somewhat more inclined to comprehend how to execute the fixes for your automobile.

Look closely at a car's wiper blades. You might need new windshield wipers if they're making or canning sounds.

You don't necessarily need to get repairs completed in the automobile dealer. There are numerous respectable technicians which might be nearer in auto stores and dealerships. Locate somebody who's certified and adhere together.

Warranties come in handy when it comes to repairing expensive pieces. Request the mechanic about some warranties on such parts.

Some unscrupulous body stores may substitute your tires with older ones. They believe they can receive cash from the lack of understanding. Mark your tires before taking off your car. If you don't observe the chalk if you return, you've likely been duped.

Do not purchase parts for you who say they are likely to continue forever. This is simply a suggestion used to bill more. One case of that is liquid fluid will last a lifetime. Even though you do not need to alter this a good deal, it has to be shifted approximately every 80,000 miles per hour

It's likely there is a recall problem if many folks report the same problem. The maker might even repair the issue at no expense to you.

Do not repair your vehicle right away. Contact alternative dealerships or shops and assess what they'd cost for repairs proposed from the fix required. If the cost quoted is surplus, pay the mechanic to get the job they have done and move someplace else.

How do you prefer a less stressful encounter another time you want your car fixed. Repair tasks might be unpleasant. However, matters may be better for those who have the advice to assist you. Take advantage of this advice to maintain control of all your automobile repairs.

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Why Weddingmoon matters for Couples?


Weddingmoon is all about having a wedding and honeymoon in one location. A normal wedding is already expensive along with this, the couples need to spend another extra on their honeymoon. Weddingmoon is the total opposite of a normal wedding. Couples can have a private wedding ceremony and then hit for their honeymoon immediately allowing them to save a fortune. These are some of the reasons why weddingmoon is becoming more and more popular for couples.

  1. You Celebrate Weddingmoon in one Location –Couples who don’t want to stress and drain their energy can always choose a weddingmoon. Right after the wedding ceremony, couples can head over for their honeymoon along with their guests. Do note that, privacy will be a little concern since the guests will also be joining the couples.
  2. Easy on the Wallet –Weddingmoon is similar to destination wedding where only a selected number of guests will be attending. It may sound rude at first, however, it makes up by helping couples save a fortune on their weddingmoon.
  3. You get Best Offers – Resorts tend to offer deals and discounts for newly wedded couples. You can check for the deals on resorts official website. Additionally, when you arrive at few resorts unannounced and tell them that you’re newly married, chances are you will definitely get deals. This will allow you to save more where you can spend the saved money on various different activities.

For the ultimate weddingmoon experience, you can try visiting Fiji private island resorts comprising of some of the best things.