Month: January 2019

Anne Alassane Montauban Restaurant

A story :

Liquidity of soft wheat flour, soft lard, linked with warm salt water … Elastic softness of a dough a little worked, laminated thin like a sheet of paper to coat a lobster tail, poached in boiling water, delicately placed on a cream of cabbage with subtle aromas, embellished with chips of parmesan and a touch of caviar … It was during a test under pressure of Masterchef, thank you mr Anton !! After the revelation of these ravioli, I gradually found my culinary identity, a way to express what I am, from the fabulous spätzles of my German grandmother (the good taste of fresh eggs, the perfect texture of the paste that slips into the water, the flavor of a stew of beef …) up to these peanut gnocchi, served with chicken, the marriage of flavors that come back to me, powerful, from my childhood in Africa.

Pasta is not just an Italian phenomenon, as we tend to believe. They have settled deeply in France since their arrival centuries ago from distant Asia: the crozets of Savoy, the ravioles of Dauphiné, the Alsatian spätzles were Sunday dishes, generous, tasty, garnished with good fresh products, before their industrialization in the 50s. now we are unaccustomed, we hide by heavy sauces, salty and spicy, the blandness of poor quality preparations!

Let’s rediscover the pleasure of a good, almost natural dough, enhanced with a touch of organic olive oil or butter, poached in broth or sprinkled with parmesan …

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