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What You Should Know About Insurance Fraud

As a well-practiced criminal defense attorney in San Francisco, Law Firm has had a lot of criminal cases pass before him, both from his time as a lawyer and as a judge. And according to law, insurance fraud is, most simply put, making up an insurance claim when nothing actually happened.

Insurance fraud is a crime on both the civil and criminal level, which means that not only will you have to pay hefty fines upon your conviction, but you can also be sentenced to complete a prison term. Medical insurance fraud, for example, is considered a federal crime. You can also hire the best financial crimes attorney via gasnerlaw.com/financial-crimes

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The current administration is working to tighten the laws regarding insurance fraud. And, according to the San Francisco, by the end of 2009, President Obama is expected to sign an executive order that will center on eliminating government waste and fraud, particularly in Medicare and other benefits programs.

As more groups come together to rally against enforcing stricter laws, that would not allow people to so easily receive money on the basis of false claims. And the sentencing for these crimes has increased as well, with most of the convicted serving actual jail time.

Even if you never have committed forgery, you can still end up paying for the money insurance companies mistakenly pay. According to the nonprofit group Coalition against Insurance Fraud, an organization that prides itself as being a national clearinghouse of fraud information, $80 million a year is stolen due to insurance fraud. This correlates to higher premium rates for every insurance policyholder.