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Back Pain In Children

Unlike back pain in adults, back pain in children is an unusual occurrence and is usually a symptom of an underlying medical condition. This is especially true in children under the age of 13 years. If back pain is accompanied by symptoms such as fever, bowel or bladder problems, weakness or difficulty walking, seek medical help immediately. You can check this site hiyh.info/en_SG/chiropractic-care/ if you are in search of lower back pain treatment. 

Here are some common causes of back pain in children:

Muscle tension

Muscle tension occurs as a result of excessive stretching of muscle fibers and causing injury to muscles or tendons. Treatment for this condition can include resting, administering anti-inflammatory drugs, and in some cases, physical therapy.

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Rounded back

Also referred to as Scheuermann's kyphosis, this is a disorder of childhood skeletons that causes the vertebrae to become pinched, creating a bent appearance that becomes more visible by bending. This is a condition that is self-limiting and cannot be stopped until growth ends. Back braces and physical therapy are methods where Scheuermann's kyphosis can be controlled.


Discitis is a condition where infection occurs in the intervertebral disk space; this condition causes a lot of pain and limits mobility. This can be treated with antibiotics, back braces, and rest and relaxation.


This is a condition in which the spine begins to degenerate and consequently weakens and is unable to carry weight. It can also cause stress fractures that can occur during intense activity involving twisting and stretching of the spine.