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Choose Solar Blankets for Your Pool

Solar pool covers have been built in solar heating properties and really contribute positively to pool water heating. They also prevent evaporation which is a natural process with a cooling effect on water.

They work very well with your solar pool heating system to help maintain a warm temperature consistently. The solar pool cover extends your swimming season. You can buy automatic safety covers online.

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For cold locations, this will stop heat loss and maintain the warmth of the pool produced by your pool heating system. If you are someone who likes swimming in the morning, the water in your pool will definitely be much warmer than the water in your neighbour's swimming pool that is not closed.

Solar covers are designed to absorb maximum sunlight. The colour is blue and has an air bag to absorb heat effectively. For optimal benefits from the solar pool cover, the pool must be exposed to sunlight for at least 5 hours every day.

Water will heat up 1 degree after 5 hours of exposure. With continuous sun exposure, water will continue to be heated every day. At night when the water is cold, the solar blanket is effective in trapping heat in the water. This keeps the water warm at night. This is good because it not only keeps the heat in the water but also prevents the pool chemicals from evaporating.

Know More About Solar Pool Covers

The solar pool cover has one main purpose; to keep your pool water warmer so you can swim longer. They do this by creating an isolation barrier between the surface of your pond's water and the surrounding air. The solar cover is often used in conjunction with pool heaters.

Apart from producing heat during the day, the sun cover helps maintain heat from the sun and the heat generated by pool heating during cold curfews. By preserving the heat generated, the solar cover saves your money. You don't need to heat the water again. Automatic pool covers eliminate the hassle and effort of covering and uncovering your inground swimming pool. 

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Solar covers are like bubble wrap for your pool. They consist of two vinyl sheets separated by a bubble layer that creates an airbag between the atmosphere and your pool. This "dead air" layer serves as insulation to keep heat, chemicals, and water in your pond. So solar covers will prevent evaporation of water and chemicals while maintaining heat.

Solar covers are very effective when used with conventional pool heaters or solar because at night they will withstand heat absorbed or generated during the day, thereby reducing fuel costs for traditional pool heaters or heat pumps.

Solar covers are usually used with a cover reel that makes putting the cover and removing it easier. This also protects the cover when the pool is being used.